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I’m Simcha Dov Wolfe, a certified Couples and Sex Therapist. I work with individuals, couples and families to develop more satisfying and passionate relationships. I offer counseling and therapy in both English and Hebrew. I specialize in sex therapy and marriage counseling for the religious community. I am conveniently located with offices in Givat Shmuel, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

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People seek counseling and therapy for a variety of reasons. Often to talk about situations, behaviours or thoughts that may be stressing them out. Sometimes they are struggling with issues related to earlier traumas. Sometimes they are involved in a conflict and they need help to resolve it.  Whatever the reasons for seeking out counseling and therapy, I help clients explore a wide range of concerns and then replace patterns of living that are not part of their life plan.


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Sex Therapy is a type of psychotherapy for individuals or couples that allows clients to talk about sexual and relationship issues in a professional, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. This can include a number of issues such as low sexual desire, lack of sexual communication, sexual dissatisfaction, painful intercourse, orgasm difficulties, erectile dysfunctions and lack of appropriate sexual knowledge. I work collaboratively with my clients in order to revitalize their sexual wellness and help improve their sexual response.



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I am often asked what is the most prevalent issue I see in my practice? My answer is often the same. A lack of healthy sexual knowledge and unhealthy sexual expectations. Couples from religious (frum) backgrounds may have had very limited sexual education and asking questions can be taboo in certain circles. In my practice, I aim to offer my clients a safe and healthy atmosphere to explore and learn about their sexuality, desires and needs. This is always done with sensitivity and awareness of the couple's religious beliefs.  





Due to my training as Sex Therapist as well as a trained therapist for victims of sexual abuse within the Orthodox Jewish community, I see many clients who are adult survivors of sexual abuse.
Unfortunately, the horrific affects of sexual abuse often go beyond a betrayal of basic human trust and many survivors suffer from a variety of sexual problems. Our sexuality is our most private and intimate aspects of who we are. When someone was sexually abused, it is by definition an attack on a their sexuality, altering their view and experience of their own sexuality.
The good news is that a variety of effective techniques now exist to help survivors. In my practice I use the techniques of "Sexual Healing" (developed by Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST) which is an empowering process allowing the client to reclaim ownership over their sexuality as a positive and pleasurable aspect of their lives.
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