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What kind of counseling are you looking for? 


I provide individual, couples counseling and sex therapy. I am a Sex and Couples Therapist as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Clients usually come for a one hour session once a week. I see clients Sunday to Thursday during the day and evenings. I also see clients on Friday mornings and early afternoons. Please contact me so we can discuss your needs further.


People decide to go into individual counseling and therapy for a variety of reasons. Most often they are seeking strategies to meet the challenges they are facing in their lives. Some of my clients are victims of sexual tramaus and struggle with depression or issues in their interpersonal relationships. Other clients seek help in conflict resolutions. Some clients suffer from anxiety and don’t know where it comes from. They experience depression but are unsure of the source. Whatever the reasons for seeking out counseling and therapy, I help clients explore a wide range of concerns and then replace patterns of living that are not part of their life plan.


Individual Therapy 

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Clients often want help with:


  • Childhood sexual abuse 

  • Relationship concerns 

  • Sexual trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Low self-esteem

  • Body image

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Couples counselling can provide benefit to even the most compatible couples. Confronting your issues as a couple is a difficult task, and sometimes you may feel anxious and uncomfortable about starting. Couples counseling offers the opportunity for couples of all types to recognize and resolve conflicts as well as improve their overall communication and relationship.  I provide a safe and neutral environment for both parties, allowing you to navigate through the issues in a constructive way. Couples therapy is solution focused and productive, providing lasting change in your relationship. 


Clients often want help with:


  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Parenting

  • Intimacy

  • Taharat Hamishpacha

  • Separation/divorce

  • Religious issues 

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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy focuses on the sexual aspect of your relationship with your partner. At times though, you may explore other aspects of your relationship to understand its impact on your sex life. Sex therapy will allow you to celebrate and express your sexuality more fully. Sex therapy views sexual issues as being resolved by specifically addressing them, rather than by the assumption that when the individuals in a relationship work out the relationship issues, the sex will just fall into place.


Talking about sex and intimacy may initially feel awkward. However, as a certified sex therapist I am trained at putting you at ease and helping you identify and explore sexual concerns. Through sex therapy, you can learn to express your concerns clearly, better understand your own sexual needs and better understand your partner's sexual needs. Through sex therapy, you can also address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy — either in individual therapy or in joint therapy with your partner.



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Clients often want help with:


  • Sexual intimacy 

  • Sexual communication 

  • Low sexual desire

  • Sexual dissatisfaction

  • Painful intercourse 

  • Orgasm difficulties 

  • Erectile difficulties 

  • Sexual abuse

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